Arsone’s Home

This is Arsone’s Blog,
and is my notebook also;
About Faith, Life, some idea and others.
through the space, you can know who I am,
through these articles, you can understand me.(maybe, I think)
anyway, this is my history, welcome.
I’m not sure how do you think the space,
but I sure these idea from my history, mind, and my social;
so, you can feel I’m very weakness in my life, same Paul say:
But by the grace of God I am what I am.( I Corinthians 15:10)
Oh, I think need inform you, my English very bad,
so, the Blog 99% is Chinese, this is my language.
(of course in addition to this article, you know not easy for me)

Five solae
Sola Scriptura
Sola Gratia
Sola Fide
Sola Christo
Soli Deo Gloria

Five points of Calvinism(TULIP)
Total depravity
Unconditional selection
Limited atonement
Irresistible grace
Perseverence of the saints
You can check
信道—My Faith
引用—My feedback to others
心事—About my mind
雜記—Some ideas and any other
點滴—About my life
Series—Some articles is series
Princess—This dog is our princess, very cute and close
Memo—Sometime, I have some short idea, I usually post at Facebook first
Mourn—Someone leave us, we miss and talk about; and I also publish opinion of my funeral
New Article

About Arsone

Name: Arsone Lee (arsone14)
Gender: Male
Faith: Jesus Christ, and crucified
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Language: Chinese, Taiwanese

  Favorite Books
  Favorite hymns
  Favorite links
  My life
If none Christ, he not anything, but have Christ and live in Him, he have everything. so, through these article, you can see it. If you have any idea, let me know please, you can through the space’s message board,
or send mail  to me, thank you very much.

The Blog start at 06.14.2005 A.D

Arsone’s Home 有 “ 3 則迴響 ”

  1. 讚美主!你有一個很好的網頁。我喜歡看關於你對耶穌基督的信心。我很抱歉,我的中國是非常糟糕的! (我是美國人)。神祝福你。

  2. Welcome my blog, and thanks for your message;
    Praise our Lord, we can share in Him,
    in His grace, I have some idea from His Word,
    although these is green, but we have a hope, our life well growing in His will.

    Peace and joy in Lord


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